Best Paw Forward’s Story

Best Paw Forward was founded in 2012 by Michael and Jamie Badial.  Inspired by years of working with local rescues and shelters to foster, train and rehome hundreds of dogs, they were driven to help dog owners receive the knowledge and support necessary to keep their well loved companions and overcome challenging behavior. 

Michael Badial

Co-Founder, Certified Dog Trainer, Director of Training

Michael’s love of dogs and dog behavior started in his childhood when he could be found spending hours a day with his Rottweiler/Shepherd mix, Mariah.  As he travelled the neighborhood with friends, Mariah was never far behind. 

While working as a meter reader in California, Michael was faced daily with dogs in yards that wanted to attack and defend their property. Wanting to be efficient and safe at his job, he learned ways to put the dogs at ease and train them to trust him. 

After moving to PA in 2006, he worked in a large 200+ dog kennel as their manager.  This invaluable time spent observing dog behavior gives him incredible insight into how dogs communicate not only with each other but also with us. 

Using his experience rehabiliting the aggressive Mastiff mix he inherited when he moved, Michael began a rescue dedicated to re-training and rehoming aggressive dogs.  It was during this time that Michael met Jamie when they worked together on a 5 month old fear-aggressive GSD that they now own together (and who is a complete love). 

In 2012, Michael and Jamie co-founded Best Paw Forward so they could help families enjoy their dogs again.  Having worked for years with rescues and shelters, they felt that they could have an even bigger impact helping families keep their dogs in their home.  Michael and Jamie don’t want owners to ever feel along or helpless when it comes to their dog’s behavior.

Michael is a Sergeant in the Army National Guard with over 15 years of experience.  When he is not serving his country or working with dogs, he loves to play basketball, singing at the top of his lungs and spending time with the family.

Jamie Badial

Co-Founder, Certified Dog Trainer, Director of Operations

Jamie has loved dogs for as long as she can remember and might even say it is a hereditary.  Whenever she was visiting family or friends that had a dog, she would often be found outside playing with the dog instead of inside with the humans. 

Her journey to dog training began with a German Shepherd puppy named Raven.  Together, Jamie and Raven explored many different aspects of dog training taking classes in Nosework, Obedience, Rally and more.  

Jamie also started volunteering with a local German Shepherd rescue and immediately began fostering, organizing events and eventually serving on the Board of Directors. Having fostered dozens of German Shepherds, Jamie has successfully helped retrain and rehome dogs of all ages and temperaments. 

This work is how she met Michael and got involved with his previous dog training company and rescue. After working together for over a year, they decided to combine efforts and create Best Paw Forward together. 

Before working full time with dogs, Jamie worked in Corporate Finance.  Using her undergraduate degree in Accounting and her Masters in Business & Management, she is the Director of Operations and makes sure the BPF runs smoothly. 

In 2018, Michael and Jamie moved their business and their family to Chalfont, PA where they now reside with their 2 children: Michael and Erin along with their 4 dogs and 2 cats.   

Michael and Jamie know how difficult it can be for families to balance demanding jobs, kids and the dog.  That’s why they’ve built a dog training system that works for families and dogs of all kinds.  Their lives as business owners, parents and dog owners gives them unique insight into how to make it all work and to get the dog you’ve dreamed of: the one the kids love to play with and is safe around guests.


Experienced Dog Trainers

Our dog trainers have a combined 20+ years of experience.  Continued education and skilled development is a priority.


Professional & Friendly

We love our clients as much as we love their dogs.  You and your dog will always be treated with kindness and respect. 


Lifetime Support

We don’t disappear between or after lessons.  You can reach out to us at any time for additional support if you ever need it. 

“We honestly couldn’t be more pleased with Cali’s success after working with Best Paw Forward. We are finally able to enjoy the time we spend with Cali whether it is training or play.”

– Cassie and Sabrina V. w/ Cali 

Better Dog Training is Our Mission

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