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Free Phone Consult

Our Director of Training is ready to help you make the most of our your call!

At the time scheduled, we will call you at the number you provide, take a history of your dog's behavior and discuss your training needs before making a recommendation on which program will best fit your goal. 

No training advice is given during a free consultation.
Consults are NOT for inquiring about group classes. 

Behavior Consultation

Looking for quick advice?

Our Behavior Consultant is ready to hear all about your dog(s) and what you've tried so far.  We will give you advice on your dog's behavior and what you can do right now to address it. If you're interested in training, we can then go over options.

In Person Meet & Greet

Rather meet in person to decide?

We welcome you to schedule a time to meet us at our training facility. During this 30 minute meet & greet our Senior Training staff will go over the training programs you are interested in and assess your dog to be sure they are good fit for our program. 

No training advice is given during meet and greets.