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9 months ago
Thanks to Michael, we were able to gain the skills and tips/tricks we needed for our reactive corgi while in our yard/on leash. Our dog always barked/pulled when seeing another dog (he thinks he can say hi and play with every dog he sees) which made him difficult to control in these situations. Although we have a long road ahead of us, we can now successfully grab his attention while in our yard to redirect and have made huge strides to redirect his attention while out on walks. We look forward to continuing our training and cant thank the trainers at Best Paw Forward enough for providing us with the training/information we needed!
a month ago
Both my dog, Gizmo, and I found Best Paw Forward to be effective at training dogs in a pleasant atmosphere. Due to peculiarities of our dog (his neck is bigger than his head so he’s a master escape-artist), we were unable to do the initially planned all-week training regimen but BPF worked with us and found a different option that was perfect for Gizmo. Gizmo is a bit headstrong and wasn’t the best listener which is the reason we needed training. BPF helped him learn to listen far better over 8 training session and helped us know how to better instruct and respond to him. After a little hesitancy at first, going to training became Gizmo’s favorite time of the week. We would definitely recommend Best Paw Forward and hope to get our other dog Bolo in for a few training sessions soon (especially since he’s a bit jealous at what Gizmo learned at training).
a year ago
We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with BPF! Before coming here, we had previously worked with another trainer and took group classes, but we just could not seem to get some basic manners down. When we started with BPF we could barely walk our 1 y/o Aussiedor Pepper. She would pull us almost to the point of injury, lunge, and bark at everything she saw. We could not walk within 40ft of another dog, animal, or bicyclist or she would become extremely reactive. I would be in tears most days after our walks. She was also not initially very friendly to any other dogs. After speaking with Michael, we decided to sign Pepper up for the Excellent Dog Program for 8 weeks of private lessons. The first 6 lessons were in our home and neighborhood. We were shown different techniques, commands, and given training tools to make walks more enjoyable & relaxed for both Pepper and our family. We practiced our walking commands every day, starting with no distractions and gradually working our way up. We noticed a difference right from week 1! Our final 2 lessons we were invited up to the beautiful BPF facility for Pepper to learn how to properly socialize with other dogs. She met 4 other dogs while Michael showed us things that should be corrected and body language to pay attention to when dogs our playing. Michael has such great knowledge and is very easy to talk to! We loved working with him. The skillset & knowledge the Best Paw Forward team has provided us was phenomenal. We are now able to take Pepper on walks everyday where we can pass whoever or whatever on the same sidewalk with never more than a minor tug of excitement. We have also been able to take her on some of our favorite local hiking trails! She has also now successfully been introduced to 4-5 new dogs in the neighborhood and will even play bow with a few of them. The office team continues to follow up with us to see how Pepper and our training is going! We absolutely recommend this training team to anyone that listens! We cannot wait to work with them again in the near future when we bring home puppy #2.
a year ago
Michael came out to do private training for two of our dogs- Ripley and Millie. Today I was able to drop Ripley off at the vet with no barking or growling. He really helped us be able to go out into the world with less fear and nervous energy. I can’t wait to continue our training with Best Paw Forward.
6 months ago
Angelina was amazing! We had a very difficult situation with our English Bulldog brothers and she provided support , information and training ideas we hadn’t done with that intention yet! We are living a very different life thanks to her experience and training all of us!

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