Dog Training Camp

Instead of staying in a stressful boarding kennel, your dog can learn to listen and be well-behaved while enjoying the comfort of our certified dog trainers’ home with dog training camp.  

We’re proud to offer the first positive dog board and training camp in the state and the area’s ONLY in home training camp.  Our certified, veterinarian-recommended dog trainers make the learning process easy for your dog in a fun and effective way. 

Dog training camp can help with...

Obedience & Manners

  • Relaxing at home with settle on bed
  • Leash & walking skills in public
  • Polite greetings & door manners
  • Responding to owner around distractions
  • Coming when called
  • and more…

Behavior Modification

  • Reactive behavior on leash toward dogs or people
  • Aggressive or reactive behavior when handled
  • General fear or anxious behavior to dogs or people
  • and more…

Board and train camps are not suitable for separation anxiety or severe aggression towards kids or strangers.

Dog training camp includes....

For Your Dog

  • Several individual daily training sessions
  • Group play & training sessions (if appropriate)
  • Plenty of exercise and socialization in our almost 1 acre fenced in back yard
  • Enrichment toys & activities

For Your Family

  • Recorded & LIVE video of your dog’s training sessions
  • Lifetime access to our support system
  • Lifetime access to included group training classes
  • Private Lessons to ensure your success 

For safety, all dogs enrolled in our dog  board and training camp must be able to be crated  or kenneled when not supervised.  We are able to accept puppies as young as 8 weeks into our program due to the in home environment.  Age appropriate vaccines are required. 

How board and training camp works...

We decided to do board and train differently!  We’ve had so many families who wanted the benefits of an intensive dog training camp for their puppy or dog but couldn’t bear to be without them for 2 or 3 weeks straight. 

With the dogs and our clients in mind, we revamped our program 2 years ago and the results have been outstanding!

Our board and training camp runs Monday through Friday where your dog gets to spend the weekend at home snuggling with you. You get to check in on your dog’s progress mid way and they return the next week rested and excited to learn again. 

In home private lessons take place within a couple of weeks of your dog’s training to make sure they are as successful at home as they are with us.

If you require weekend boarding due to travel or distance, it is available most weekends for a small boarding fee.  While we don’t have structured training on the weekends, there is plenty of play time and reinforcing of good manners. 

What we’ve included in every program for your dog’s success:

  • a minimum of 4-5 personalized training sessions per day (sessions last 15-25 minutes depending on your dog)
  • a daily LIVE video recapping your dog’s training sessions
  • walks, playtime and socialization opportunities 
  • private lessons after your dog has returned home to ensure continued success!
  • Lifetime Support via email, phone and video chat
  • Lifetime access to our private FB community and alumni group classes

How to start working with us...

Schedule a phone consultation 

During your consultation, we will gather all of the information we need to make a personalized recommendation on the best program for you based on what we learn about your dog, the challenges you are facing and your preferences for training.

Enroll in a training program

It’s time to make changes!  Together, we will create a training schedule that works. During your lessons, we will train with you and your dog while showing you how to incorporate training into your existing schedule. Whether you choose private lessons or our board and train program, we are here for you!

Join the BPF Alumni Community

Become a part of our BPF family by joining us in our private community group.  Inside, you’ll find hundreds of dog owners just like you as well as have the opportunity to join in our alumni only group classes and other special offerings.