Best Paw Forward Training Services & Pricing

Thanks so much for your interest in training your dog with Best Paw Forward!  

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping local dog owners raise well mannered puppies as well as address unwanted and even troubling behavior problems.  Our team of Certified Dog Trainers and Certified Behavior Consultants take pride in the joy they get from working with our clients to achieve their dream of enjoying their dog more and worrying about their behavior less

Private Lesson programs are an affordable way to get personalized attention working directly with a trainer about your dog’s specific needs.  Weekly lessons and our lifetime support program help you know that we’ve got your back even between or after lessons so you are never guessing if you are doing the right thing. 

For busy individuals or families, our board and train or day training services are a great way to have our professional staff jump start your dog’s training.  Our years of experience allow us to perform more successful repetitions faster which means that your dog learns new behaviors quickier and with less stress for you. 

We’re the only send away training program in the area that gives your dog 5+ lessons per day and includes video reports so you can follow along at home.  Over the years, we’ve built a database of hundreds of dogs performing in our board and train that you are able to reference for your own dog’s training. Private lessons after your dog’s training make sure that training is being implemented correctly at home and that your dog is listening to you.  

Our programs and pricing for each program are listed below.   Have questions?  Send me an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with more information. 

We do require a quick phone call before signing up for any training to make sure that we are good fit to work together.  The best way to get that started is to schedule a time for us to call you. 

We look forward to learning more about your dog and discussing how we can help you soon!

Private lesson programs are an affordable way to have personal attention from your dog trainer.

Weekly lessons are 45 minutes long and focus on coaching you how to train your dog so that you have success even when we aren't there.  Over the course of your program your trainer will help you:

  • set positive goals for your dog
  • determine the skills,  management and next steps that you need to take with your dog
  • develop and implement daily training to help you reach those goals
  • track progress and adjust as needed


We travel to locations within 30 minutes of our location (Perkasie, PA 18944) and welcome you to have lessons at our facility.  In addition, we are able to service portions of Montgomery County along 309 heading towards New Jersey (this does not apply to any people aggression cases). 

To see if we are able to come to you, please check here: 
Check your home's driving distance by clicking here.

Our board and train  programs were created to give busy families some a little relief and jump-start their dog's training so when they come home it's quicker and easier to get Fido back on the same page. 

With a team of 6 full time trainers we are able to give the dogs in our program far more attention and training than other programs.

The dogs get to train on our beautiful 6+ acre farm and around a lot of distraction with multiple trainers so that they listen better to you no matter what's going on around you. 

All of our programs include a minimum of 5 daily training sessions per dog, walks, play time (when appropriate) and socialization. 

Our program is a Monday through Friday program so your dog gets intensive training with you but gets to snuggle with you on the weekend and recharge for the following week.  Weekend boarding is available for an additional fee.


Want all the benefits of sending your dog away for training without sacrificing nighttime snuggles?  Our day training program is perfect for you!

Your dog gets to spend their days working with our team of trainers on their manners and behavior but get to go home each night. Programs include a minimum of 5 training sessions each day and follow up private lessons. 

Day training is great for nervouse dogs (or nervous owners) who won't do well staying overnight but could use some socialization and more intense training.