Gabrielle Rosanova

Board and Train Instructor

 Gabrielle’s love for animals began with her first childhood dog, Rufus, a 120lb Labrador Retriever. From a very young age she had a strong passion to work with animals, and more specifically dogs. 

After graduating high school she began studying Animal Science at Penn State Berks.  When not studying, she worked at a luxury pet hotel and dog daycare where she learned the basics of dog behavior and recognizing when to intervene to prevent confrontations between animals. 

After a brief stint in nursing school, she reignited her true passion working with animals and became a Veterinary Technician. Through her time as a vet tech, she recognized the importance of a well-trained dog to ensure a smooth and stress-free visit to the vet office for both the pet and their owners. 

Gabrielle joined Best Paw Forward in 2021 as the daily caretaker and one of our key trainers in our board and train and day school programs.  She is currently studying to take the CPDT exam to be a certfied dog trainer after completing her hand-ons learning. 


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Gabrielle’s education and experience are why she’s such as asset to our team and to you and your family’s pet as she works with them on becoming a well trained member of the family. When Gabrielle is not working with the dogs at Best Paw Forward, she is hanging out with her husband and two dogs: Halligan and Rylie. Gabrielle often says that Halligan, being a pure-bred stubborn Dachshund, is the ultimate test to prove her dog training skills.