Michael Badial, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

Co-Founder | Certified Dog Behavior Consultant   Certified Dog Trainer  |   Director of Behavior & Training

Michael’s love of dogs and dog behavior started in his childhood when he could be found spending hours a day with his Rottweiler/Shepherd mix, Mariah. As he traveled the neighborhood with friends, Mariah was never far behind.

While working as a meter reader in California, Michael was faced daily with dogs in yards that wanted to attack and defend their property. Wanting to be efficient and safe at his job, he learned ways to put the dogs at ease and train them to trust him.

After moving to PA in 2006, he managed a busy 200+ run dog kennel. This invaluable time spent observing dog behavior gives him incredible insight into how dogs communicate not only with each 
other but also with us. This began his career in dog training and sent him on the path to becoming a certified dog trainer.

Using his experience rehabilitating an aggressive Mastiff mix he inherited when he moved, Michael began a rescue dedicated to re-training aggressive dogs. It was during this time that Michael met Jamie when they worked together on a 5 month old fear-aggressive GSD that they now own together (and who is a complete love).


Michael is also currently a Staff Sergeant in the PA Army National Guard and when he is not serving his country or training dogs, he loves to play basketball, sing at the top of his lungs and spend time with the family.

In 2012, Michael and Jamie co-founded Best Paw Forward Dog Training so they could help families enjoy their dogs again. Having worked for years with rescues and shelters, they felt that they could have an even bigger impact as certified dog trainers helping families keep their dogs in their home. Michael and Jamie don’t want owners to ever feel alone or helpless when it comes to their dog’s behavior.

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