Proper Puppy Day School

For puppies between 10 - 20 weeks of age at start of the program

Are you looking to start your puppy off on their best paw during their crucial first few months at home with you?

Our puppy day school builds a solid foundation of good behavior and provides your puppy with 
essential socialization to be a well rounded adult. 

The curriculum was carefully built and is taught by our team of expert trainers.

Puppy School runs Monday through Thursday at our Perkasie Farm.  New classes start each week and run for 4 consecutive weeks (except for major holidays).
Each morning puppy preschoolers arrive between 7:30am and 8:30am and start right away with some play then jump into individual and group training sessions.
Half day and Full day options are available based on your puppy’s needs and your schedule. 

The Proper Puppy

Basic training foundations, socialization, field trips + Two private lessons
Programs run Monday through Thursday except for modified holiday weeks. 

You want what’s best for your new puppy, but it’s hard to balance training & socialization along with your busy schedule. 

You didn’t get a puppy to become a dog trainer but we definitely became dog trainers to work with your puppy! 

Our team are experts in proper puppy raising and are committed to helping families avoid common mistakes that lead to frustrations down the line. Your pup will learn all of their foundation behaviors while also receiving lots of safe, positive socialization  (no scary dog parks here!) and you’ll receive weekly videos to help you work with your puppy at home and keep their training on track.  Plus, you get 2 private lessons with one of our trainers.

Proper Puppy Program Details

Training Skills Include

  • Name recognition/attention to handler
  • Sit and Down with Hand Signal
  • Verbal Cues added
  • Go to Place
  • Threshold Training (not running out doors)
  • Down-Stay/Settle on Place
  • Leave -It
  • Drop Toys/Items
  • Loose leash walking foundation
  • Come when called
  • Adding distractions (as time allows)

Socialization includes

  • Closely supervised group & individual play sessions with other appropriate puppies
  • Confidence building including obstacle course & enrichment activities
  • Exposure to new surfaces, textures and objects
  •  Safe, positive exposure to friendly strangers and new people
  • Weekly field trips 
  • Body handling & awareness desensitization to prepare them for exams or grooming
  • Potty training support

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Available Puppy School Dates

Start: Monday, January 9th  (includes Mon – Thur 1/9-1/13, 1/16-1/20, 1/23 – 1/27, 1/30-2/2) *

Start: Monday, January 16th  (includes Mon – Thur 1/16-1/20, 1/23 – 1/27, 1/30-2/2, 2/6-2/9)

Start: Monday, January 23rd (includes Mon – Thur 1/23 – 1/27, 1/30-2/2, 2/6-2/9, 2/13 – 2/16)