Certified Dog Trainer | Board and Train Instructor | Private Lesson Instructor

Theresa’s love for animals started at a young age and continued on when she retrained ex-race horses and her own personal rescue horse while in college for education. She then moved onto working with small animals when she joined the veterinary field almost 8 years ago. She prides herself in helping educate pet owners on the ins and outs of the health care side of pet ownership.

She was wondering how she could continue to help people and animals, even beyond the medical aspect of pets’ lives and that’s when she honed in on dog training. In 2019, Theresa enrolled in CATCH canine trainers’ academy in hopes to continue her own education to be able to educate owners and strengthen the bonds people have with their pets. She passed her Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) exam through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers in Spring 2021.

theresa hutnyk best paw forward dog trainer

Theresa and Paisley

Her goal with dog training is to help people understand their dogs better, to improve the overall relationship with their pets, and ideally keep happy pets in happy homes. Theresa thoroughly enjoys tackling dog training from the very start as puppies with basic obedience and life skills. She believes a good foundation sets a dog, and their human family, up for a happy and successful life together.

Since Theresa has her own personal rescues (dogs, horses, and cats) she also understands that not every pet has the opportunity to have a good start to life, and she wants to help those animals better communicate with their owners and vice versa. The better we can learn to understand what our pets are feeling, the better our relationships will be with them. After all, happy pets stay in happy homes.

When Theresa isn’t working with other people’s pets, she spends her free time hiking and road tripping with her husband Dan and her two adopted dogs, Paisley & Dosh. She also has two cats, Meka & Nugget. On most of her days off you can find her riding and training her rescue horse Marley; her pride and joy.