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Best Paw Forward’s dog trainers are who you turn to when you want to get your dog to listen. We’ve spent over 15 years perfecting our owner-friendly system that breaks down the best way to raise well-socialized puppies and turns unruly dogs into well-behaved members of the family. Our programs are built to provide owners with the tools to be successful when training their dog or modifying unwanted behavior.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to making training easy and fun for your dog and you.

Our training team is made up of certified dog trainers, but, we aren’t just dog trainers.  We are spouses, parents, friends and community members – just like you.  That’s why our training programs and solutions are realistic and customized to work for you

Our approach helps owners to weed through all of the information of what they “should” be doing and focus in on the things that will make the biggest impact on their lives now and for the next 10+ years.


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How Our Programs Can Help You

We create a tailored training plan for each dog and owner team that we work with.  By listening and learning about what’s most important to you and your dog, we come up with a plan to work together to meet your immediate needs and work toward bigger goals.  

The first step in this process is a phone consultation with one of our Senior Trainers so we can gather more information on your dog and you to make a personalized recommendation on the right training path.  

Calls are usually 15-20 minutes in length and are best scheduled through the button below for a time where you are able to give the conversation your full attention. 

Services We Offer in Perkasie, PA and Surrounding Areas

We love working with young dogs to help them to be the best part of the family! 

Early socialization and training is crucial to preventing behavior problems as your puppy becomes a teenager and adult dog.  Experts recommend training starting as early as 8 weeks and remaining consistent through the first year.

Dogs under 6 months with no aggression can choose from the following options:

Puppy Training Class – 6 weeks

Group learning for solid foundation and socialization.  Classes enroll approximately every 2 months.  
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Puppy School

A comprehensive program for a well socialized puppy with a solid training foundation.  Puppies have a fun filled day at our farm with personalized training and socialization for a jump-start on confidence, obedience and social skills.  For puppies 10 -20 weeks old.
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Puppy Board & Train Camp

Great option for puppies to have an immersive learning experience.  Starting at 10 weeks old, puppies can stay at our farm Monday – Friday (weekend boarding available most weekends) for a fun and intensive camp with our certified, expert trainers.  We’ll work on building a strong foundation on essenital life skills for a well rounded and well behaved adult dog. 
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Training programs for dogs over 6 months old that don’t have significant behavior challenges.  The programs below are ideal for working on building manners, improving listening and more!

Private Lessons

At your place or ours?  Meet with your trainer weekly for a personalized learning experience either in your home (within 25 minutes of Perkasie) or at our location in Perkasie.

Private lessons can address leash skills, mild reactivity to dogs/people, door manners, greeting people, counter surfing and more!
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Drop off Day Training

You drop off your dog each morning, we’ll train with them throughout the day and then you get to pick them up tired and ready to snuggle each night!  A great way for us to do the heavy lifting while you work so you can hit the ground running with a clear plan. 
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Stay and Train Camp (board & train)

Your dog stays on our farm Monday to Friday (weekend boarding also available) and enjoys training sessions throughout the day along with a daily video update for you and private lessons to successfully implement training at home.  We work on building the foundation of behaviors, socialization and creating well rounded dogs. 
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Some dogs have BIG feelings that can cause some disruption to our human world.  Whether your dog is afraid of the big scary world or they display aggression towards dogs or people, we have the skills to help!

Through our private lesson programs, you can work directly with our founder and Certified Behavior Consultant, Michael, to create big changes in your dog’s feelings and listening. 

We aren’t turning you into a dog trainer but we are going to refresh and reframe how you view your dog’s behavior and guide you on the best way to live harmoniously with the dog you have without huge disruptions to your lifestyle.

Reactive Recovery Class

6 week group class led by our Certified Behavior Consultant for dogs that bark and lunge while on leash at other dogs or people. This class will focus on reducing reactive behavior and increasing your dog’s ability to listen to you while on leash around other dogs and people.
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Private Lessons

Meet weekly at our location with our certified behavior consultant for a personalized experience to tackle your dog’s tough behavior challenges.  We can work through reactivity, aggression, fear, phobias and more in our behavior programs.  
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Drop off Day Training for Reactivity  – 3+ weeks

You drop off your dog each morning, we’ll train with them throughout the day and then you get to pick them up tired and ready to snuggle each night!  A great way for us to do the heavy lifting while you work so you can hit the ground running with a clear plan.  We cannot accept human aggression into our day school programs. 
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Stay and Train Camp (board & train) for Reactivity – 3+ weeks

Your dog stays on our farm and enjoys at least five training sessions each day along with a daily video update for you and private lessons to successfully implement training at home.  We work on building the foundation of behaviors, socialization and creating well rounded dogs. We cannot accept human aggression or separation anxiety into our stay & train programs.
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Group classes are a fun and affordable way to stay on top of your training.  We have options for brand new puppies starting at 10 weeks old up to the most seasoned dog.  Classes are 6 weeks long and enroll approximately every 2 months.

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Ready to keep the training going?  The sky is the limit!  While our programs meet our client’s immediate needs, there’s always an opportunity to take your dog’s learning further. The following options are available only to graduates of a BPF training program. Please email us for more details on the below options. 

BPF VIP Community Membership

Sign up for one of our community memberships to get access to our support sessions, group classes or additional private lessons at a special just for you rate. 

Day School Refresh

For returning dogs or puppies who can use a little refresh of their training or to take things a little further.  Day school refresh includes dropping your dog off between 730-830am and picking them up between 430-530pm.  They’ll receive 3 refresher training sessions and a report card at the end of the day.  Add on private lessons also available. 

Boarding School Refresh

For returning dogs or puppies that need a little touch up on their training.  Boarding school refresh includes boarding Mon-Fri (select weekend boarding also available) for 1 -3 weeks to touch up training behaviors, take things a little further or to do some fun new things like agility, scent work or tricks!  Refresh sessions include 3 daily sessions and a weekly video with report card at take home. 

BPF Dog Daycare

Available to dogs that have completed private lessons or a stay and train program only.  Our structured daycare provides a safe outlet for dogs on a weekly basis.  During the day, your dog will enjoy exercise and enrichment to keep them fulfilled and tired at the end of the day.  Limited availability.

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We prefer to have a conversation with potential clients first so we can learn more about what you are experiencing with your dog, give you more details about what to expect from our programs and make a personalized recommendation on the best way to address your concerns. 

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