Dog & Puppy Group Training Classes

Group training classes are a great way to spend time with your dog.  Whether you are getting started on skills or just need a little extra help, we have a class for you!

Group Training Classes are a great affordable option for learning and having fun with your dog or puppy! 

Classes are held at our Perkasie facility located on Blooming Glen Rd Perkasie Pa 18944.
Full address is sent in confirmation and reminder emails.
Visits to the property are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Sign up using the forms below.  Any questions regarding classes can be sent to
Please do not schedule a phone consult to discuss class registration or questions.  FAQ can be found at the bottom of the page.

Leash Walking Clinic

Does your dog pull you down the street when on leash?  This 4 week leash clinic will focus on improving your dog’s attention on you and responding to the leash.  We’ll work on proper position when on leash and not pulling ahead, criss crossing or lagging behind. 

This class is designed for friendly dogs that do not show reactive behavior (barking or lunging) toward dogs or people.  For work with reactive behavior, please see our Reactive Recovery Class. 

starts Wednesday, July 27th at 6:00pm for 4 weeks        $145

BrainBusters - Enrichment

Does your dog have endless energy?  Our BrainBusters Enrichment Clinic is here to help tire your dog out without overexercising or throwing fetch for hours a day. 

During the course of 4 weeks, we will give you enrichment ideas to keep your dog mentally stimulated and fulfilled without the need for miles of walking.  Topics include defining enrichment and when to use it. Learning “find it” games, creating puzzles for you dog and other fun games to keep your dog busy and happy. 

starts Wednesday, July 27th at 7:00pm for 4 weeks           $145

Puppy Socialization & Training

Drop in style class. Runs each week from 6/21 – 8/30. Sign up for 1 or many. 

This class is for puppies up to 8 months old, has a different topic each week and includes some great games and socialization with other dogs and people.  To view the puppy class topics by date, click here

Classes are $30 per class.

Tuesdays at 6:00pm 

Reactive Recovery Class Level 1

Reactive Recovery is a 6 week class for dogs that bark and lunge while on leash at other dogs or people.

This class will focus on reducing reactive behavior and increasing your dog’s ability to listen to you while on leash around other dogs and people.

We will discuss proper socialization and how to work with your reactive dog to change the way they behave around other people.

starts Monday, July 25th at 6:00pm for 6 weeks            $275  (class full)

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Class options include:
Puppy Manners
FunAgility & Parkour
NoseyDogs (finding scents)
Life Skills & Manners I & II
Reactive Recovery 1, 2 & 3
and more…

puppy training classes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Join class without the committment! 

    Drop in classes do require advance registration to have a spot in class.  Come once, come 3 times or purchase a discount Class Pass to save on 5 or 10 classes.

    Drop in class runs for 10 weeks between June 21, 2022 and August 30, 2022 so all class passes must be redeemed in that time frame. 

    Drop in puppy class will include topics each week along with proper socialization. To find the list of topics by date, click here. 

    FunAgility & Parkour class is a great way to have fun with your dog this summer.  Each class will have 2-3 turns on the agility or parkour equipment with handler instruction. 

    Classes will take place at our main facility located on Blooming Glen Rd in Perkasie Pa 18944.

    The address will be sent via email as it is private property and visits are by appointment only.

    As it is a brand new facility, we do not yet have public restrooms available so please plan accordingly. 

    Most group classes run for 50 minutes and are 4-6 weeks long. 

    When registering, you’ll see it says “over 5 classes” or “over 6 classes” which describes how many weeks the class is. 

    We generally welcome puppies into our classes around 10-12 weeks depending on their vaccination schedule. Puppies should have had at least 2 rounds of vaccinations (most importantly distemper and parvo) before joining class.

    We welcome your well behaved and supervised children to participate in class.  

    Working closely with your veterinarian to determine age appropriate vaccines is always suggested. 

    We recommend that puppies receive at least 2 rounds of core vaccines (distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, etc) and Rabies as age appropriate. 

    Bordetella is recommended but not required.

    Vaccines should be given at least a week before class. 

    To have the most success, you should bring the following with you to class:

    • a well fitted collar with identification
    • 4 – 6ft nylon or leather leash (no retractable leashes may be used in class)
    • a well fitted harness if you use one
    • a snack size bag of small, soft treats for reinforcement.  Treats should be no bigger than an eraser in size (or smaller depending on the dog)
    Please do not feed your dog a full meal before class (especially if they get car sick).