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A Comprehensive Training Experience

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Bucks County’s #1 Boarding School for Dogs

When you want the very best training for your dog but you have a busy schedule, Best Paw Forward’s board and train is here to help. 

Our trainers are commited to your dog’s success and helping you see lasting change in their behavior.  Whether you want to create a strong foundation for your puppy, address a minor issue or your dog’s behavior is causing stress and frustation, we’re here for you. 

With the most years of training experience and thousands of happy dogs trained, we are the go to spot for in depth, customized training with positive results in your dog’s behavior. 

At BPF, we specialize in creating a positive association with training for each dog we work with.  This means lots of fun and play to make training rewarding and something they love to do!  This creates a lasting association with obedience that doesn’t require begging or forcing them to comply. 

Families leave Best Paw Forward with a dog that’s better behaved, more in tune with their owners and a company that truly cares and is in your corner for life!

Our board and train offers the most hands-on training for your dog (minimum of 4-5 sessions per day!) and the best education for you that fits into your busy schedule.  Daily video updates, an indepth training plan and 1-on-1 lessons round out this incredible program to give you everything you need for a well trained dog.

About our Board and Train

  • Great for dogs of all ages (even as young a 10 weeks!) to get a more comprehensive dive into training or addressing concerns.
  • Your dog will stay on our farm Monday – Friday during their program with our training and care staff (weekend boarding available as an option) 
  • Since we don’t require the use of tools (no prong or e-collar), we can jump into training right away as we build a positive relationship and create rewarding associations with desired behaviors and obedience for dogs of all ages. We’ll use play, affection, food or whatever your dog is motivated by for their training. 
  • Training includes working around other dogs, kids, people and in public for a well-rounded training experience!
  •  Video updates happen every day making it easy to follow along with your dog’s training and fit your learning into a busy schedule. 
  • 1-on-1 lessons, a comprehensive and personalized training plan plus VIP support and ongoing access to our trainers make sure your investment in your dog’s training lasts. 
  • Stays between 2- 4 weeks are recommended depending on your training goals.  Feel free to reach out for a customized program!

Programs start at around $2500 depending on goals and length of training.  Separation anxiety and aggression towards strangers are best handled through private lesson training with our Certified Behavior Consultant. 

Ready to get started?

Who is this program for?

Anyone that wants in depth, hands-on training for their dog or puppy. 

In a board and train, our experienced dog trainers build a solid foundation and dive into problem behaviors at our facility.  Throughout the process, we’re also educating you how to maintain the training and have clear expectations when your dog comes home. 

What's a typical day?

Our staff arrives at 7:30am and get right to work with your dog.  A minimum of 4 personalized training sessions are completed each day (usually 5+). Walks, play time and down time are all apart of a well rounded day before dinner around 5pm followed by rest.  

Overnight staff is always on hand with last potty being around 9-10pm so your dog isn’t alone in a kennel for 12+ hours.

What's included in the program?

Daily updates about your dog’s training, a personalized go home training plan to keep you on track, 1-on-1 private lesson and a team of trainers forever in your corner!

What is the training process?

We jump right into training on the first day!  Based on the information you’ve provided us, we’ve built a customized training plan that builds each day on the progress your dog is making. 

This makes sure that there is measurable change which we improve upon by adding distractions as your dog is ready. 

A full review video and go home report details your dog’s progress and makes sure you’re prepared to keep up with training. 


How is the owner trained?

Daily videos and our go home reports highlight how to implement training with your specific dog.  This makes training for the owner quick and efficient without the need for hours of lessons. 

Included 1-on-1 private lesson with our Training Director helps to troubleshoot and sticking points and keep you on the path to success. 

VIP Club access and exclusive offers for continued training, boarding or daycare keep you supported. 

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Client Reviews

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Interested in our board and train program ?  Great!  The first step is a conversation with one of our trainers to determine if our stay and train program is a good fit for your dog. 

 Schedule a phone consultation now to start the conversation.