Day School for Puppies & Dogs

Fun, Effective Learning for Dogs & Puppies

Are you tired of your furry friend jumping all over your guests, pulling on the leash during walks, or simply ignoring your commands?

At Best Paw Forward, we understand your frustration, and we’re here to help.

🐾What We Offer🐾

  • Problem Behavior Solutions: Our program specifically addresses common dog behavior issues such as jumping, leash pulling, and disobedience. We focus on enhancing listening skills to ensure a well-behaved companion.
  • Certified Dog Trainers: Rest assured, your beloved pet is in the capable hands of our certified dog trainers who bring a wealth of expertise to each training session.
  • Perfect for Puppies and Adults: Whether you have a rambunctious puppy or a seasoned adult dog, our training program is tailored to meet the needs of dogs of all ages.
  • Serene Farm Setting: Located on our beautiful farm in Perkasie, your dog will have the perfect environment to learn, play, and thrive.

🗓️ Program Details:

  • Duration: minimum of 3 weeks (add on weeks available)
  • Includes: Training Monday – Thursday, play, socialization & enrichment plus a follow up private lesson, daily report card, weekly video and follow up support

How Day School works:

Our day school training camp is the only of its kind in Pennsylvania.  

Our program stands out by providing extensive one-on-one instruction for your dogs, ensuring they benefit from numerous successful repetitions of good behavior. This results in enhanced muscle memory and a smoother transition of these positive behaviors to your home environment.

Unlike the majority of programs with a 10:1 dog to trainer ratio, we maintain an impressive 3:1 ratio. This means your beloved pet receives significantly more individualized attention and, as a result, benefits from far more effective training!

At our program, we prioritize your dog’s training success by offering these benefits:

Tailored Weekly Planning: Every Monday, we conduct a thorough intake assessment to chart out a customized training plan for the entire week, ensuring your dog’s progress is optimized.

Extensive Daily Training: Your dog will experience a minimum of five dedicated training sessions every day, fostering rapid and effective skill development.

Adaptive Training: Our expert trainers continuously monitor behavior and training progress, making necessary adjustments to guarantee the best results.

Learning Together: Access to daily instructional videos empowers you to learn alongside your dog, creating a stronger bond and a deeper understanding of the training process.

Comprehensive Support: We offer weekly video reviews and provide personalized go-home instructions, giving you the tools and knowledge needed to maintain your dog’s new and improved behavior.”

When your dog comes home:

When your dog completes our day school program, you can expect a happier, more well-behaved companion with new skills and a deeper connection.

We also count on your commitment to maintaining their progress through consistent reinforcement of the training techniques and guidance provided by our program, ensuring a lasting and positive transformation in your dog’s behavior.

Ready to get started?

The first step is a consultation with one of our trainers. 

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** Please note that day school programs are not suitable for separation anxiety or human aggression. **

Day School programs are great for:

  • Puppy and new rescue socialization
  • Increasing confidence
  • Leash manners (not pulling)
  • Settling in the house 
  • Basic obedience (sit, stay, down, come when called, etc.)
  • Reactivity on leash (not pulling to or barking at dogs or people)
  • Responsiveness around distractions
  • and so much more… 
dog training day school

Client Reviews

Kim Martin
Read More
I have a German Shepherd puppy that was really hard for me to handle. Our first trainer got only so far and then we didn’t agree. I realized we needed someone new. I contacted the GSD Rescue and Mike and Jamie came highly recommended. My pup needed there away training (home on the weekends). The difference was instant and amazing. Mike is great and very personable. Rory just loves him. That’s the other thing - they respond to you quickly on any questions. They have all kinds of classes available. I just can’t say enough. This is the place for you. ❤️
Jessica McKenna
Read More
We were seeking guidance in training our 4 year old corgi and were feeling very frustrated before getting in contact with Best Paw Forward. We had done puppy classes, adolescent classes and even expensive individual training with other trainers and programs and NONE even come close to the amount of guidance and help we received. My only regret with this training program is that we didn't find them sooner! I cannot recommend Best Paw Forward enough. They care about the quality of the service you experience, your pet, and your overall understanding of the training process. With other trainers after our last paid session was over we couldn't even get an email back about next steps. They truly are exceptional and it was a smart investment for our future with our dog.
Brianna Elizabeth
Read More
We can’t thank Best Paw Forward enough. We sent our 1 year old Bernedoodle, Myko, to board and train and my goodness how things have changed in our house! We went from having an high energy and excitible dog who barked almost 24/7 to a dog who is happy, mentally stimulated, and calm. Their passion for dog training is so evident in everything they do. The lessons we learned from Best Paw Forward have truly brought so much more joy and less stress into our lives! We cannot recommend Best Paw Forward enough!!!
Lindsay Keegan
Read More
I had my puppy stay with Best Paw Forward for 3 weeks for the Board and Train program. It was so hard to leave her and I was worried what her behavior would be like when she came home. Since returning home, she is a completely different dog. She is calm, responds to commands, and is such a joy to be around. I am so pleased with the results of her training and thank Michael, Jamie, and Torri for taking such great care of my baby and training her to be the best she can be.

Interested in our day school program ?  Great!  The first step is a conversation with one of our trainers to determine if our stay and train program is a good fit for your dog. 

 Schedule a phone consultation now to start the conversation.

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** Please note that our day school programs are not suitable for separation anxiety or human aggression.  **